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School Leader


The unshakable thirst for knowledge is perhaps the most vital trait a school leader can possess. Leadership and learning have to be mutually interdependent. The best school leaders know that they will never understand exactly everything. In their expertise, they are humble, yet believe in their capabilities. It needs a feeling of individual engagement to drive oneself to grow and challenge traditional knowledge, particularly when one reaches a sense of authority and responsibility.

A good school leader promotes excellence in teachers and encourages them to develop leadership abilities. An excellent school leader understands that he or she is not operating such one act and cannot do it all alone. He/she understands that he/she must be surrounded by exceptional teachers and teammates and that he/she must also wholeheartedly support teachers and staff by motivating them to constantly grow, improve, and, perhaps even more importantly, become leaders themselves. As a result, he or she must provide professional development opportunities and support services to teachers and create an environment where teachers can explore, develop, and lead. By doing so, administrators can assure a healthy environment for educators, which will benefit students.

Moreover, a great school leader is passionate about his or her work. For almost everybody who wishes to succeed and to be pleased with their career, passion is vital. Nevertheless, passion is vital for school leaders who often have a major impact on the climate and culture of their school. Passionate school leaders have a captivating spirit that can considerably influence teacher pleasure, motivation, and productivity. Teachers want to be led by a passionate school head someone concerned not only with the purpose for which he or she is striving but also about the individual people who were involved in the endeavor. Passion for the programs, activities, the school, and the teacher is essential for effective leadership.

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