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Sharing Smile and Love in New Normal

by John Louise R. Olmo

Facemask here, facemask there. Facemask is rampant everywhere. We are not a doctor neither a nurse. More so, we are not a patient or someone alike. As we look at everyone, every person wears a facemask. Not because the one has an influenza or colds, it is just that we are in the situation of a Covid-19 outbreak. Certainly, it covers our face that usually expresses smile and love.

Different designs, assorted colors, and diverse types as we see covering the faces of people. Indeed, the mask is now part of our everyday clothing upon leaving our homes. It is now a must part of our outfit of the day.

In my point of view, wearing your best smile makes other people smile as well. It brings good vibes and one way or another brightens their day. Smiling offers a lot of benefits not only for yourself but for everyone you are sharing with. Occasionally, it is our best asset the way you present yourself.

But how can we share a smile during this pandemic time? Of course, they will not witness the smiles we wear because of the facemasks on our faces. It covers our nose and mouth. Really, our best accessory to wear is being covered by that small thing now. 

In cognizant to that, I realized that wearing facemask properly and regularly is now the new normal to share smile and love to our friends and loved ones. It is now the new form of giving care to them. By wearing a mask, we are contributing to the safety of all. With matching face shield as needed, it is now the best that we can do to share affection and camaraderie. Sooner, with all our efforts, discipline and unity, our world will show its smile again. Let’s claim it. For sure, all of us are excited to see the smiles without the facemask. But for now, let us all be happy and thankful when someone has his/her facemask on.

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