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Written by: Edryll R. Contreras, Teacher III – BNHS JHS

Curiosity is what helped us to thrive and survive. Every day, there is indeed a tangle of circumstances that collide and disrupt our daily lives. We often relate the word “issue” with adversity and distress, but that is not always the case. To teach such an essential topic to students is crucial to avoid misconceptions, especially about contemporary issues. Introducing this topic to learners will help them navigate their world with literacy and knowledge. The lack of awareness in today’s generation resulted in various societal issues that are needed to address. Teenage pregnancies are one of them, where females, usually forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy, compromising their economic prospects and barring them from other chances. And yes, such obliviousness can cost so much. With the help of teachers and advisers, we can create an open discussion with students, asking their opinions, creating an engaging class that helps them become more aware and opinionated, minimizing careless decision-making that is one of the roots of adversity in society.

Humans rely on information to develop. With talented and educated youth, education has the power to change the trajectory of a nation. It could also prevent tragedies and impose preparedness. Educating the youth with necessary information such as disaster management and preparedness unlocks their potential to think of other ways to protect and predict natural disasters and help minimize damages and casualties in the future, leading to increased growth and development in our disaster management. These materials help produce students who are mentally aware and have sincere care for the environment.

Guiding students in these trying times is significant. Introducing topics like contemporary issues and disaster management in class is essential. It will help students to familiarize themselves with real-world situations and even address their adversities in life. As a teacher, considered as their second guardian in this society, they can influence the youth by implementing an effective and engaging class that always makes sure that the students continuously bring their minds and always put their best foot forward at any given circumstances. By giving the learners an avenue to be heard and partake is one of the better ways of assuring the future of their generation. Keeping them aware of the society’s major issues will let them and guide them towards participative citizenship.

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