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Stress Management

Written by: Lizette Ivy R. Calayang, Administrative Assistant III – Cupang Elementary School

On this era of the pandemic people feel a lot of anxiety, being unhappy due to the curtail of free movement to and from our places in work and around the society. Those are the feelings of chaos. How do we get along with our life and work at this situation? We feel so unstable because our life has been used to move around. Earn a living and social activities makes one life enjoyable.

But we should not limit our life to distress. We should know some ways how to manage our feelings. You may try relaxation techniques and learn to employ time management skills. Join group even just online activities of exercise like zumba and yoga sessions or walk at the park if possible. This will give us an overall healthy lifestyle. We need to join groups because social support has positive impact on us.

Stress is such an emotional feeling that comes mental unrest that gives us negative effects. We can avoid this through positive approach. Don’t be affected by tension of any sort. Sometimes stress is also having positive effect on us when it compels us to do a good job because we have focus better. We do things energetically because it became our inspiration. Stress becomes a nuisance when we poorly manage the feeling of stress. Actually, elimination of stress is unrealistic. What we can only do is control our own stress through our own attitude and focus in life. Avoid the things that affects your feelings and can lead to your stress. If you sense that you are struggling to manage stress, then seek medical advice. It is important that you can seek help as soon as possible. It is we who nurture stress that is why we are affected a lot. Managing stress is the key for your overall well-being.

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