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Support for Small Local Entrepreneur

Beverly Porlante

Technology and Livelihood Economics is one of the important areas of learning from primary to Senior High School. The reason why the K-12 includes technical subjects in the its curriculum so the students can have variety of options in their own career.

                Many graduates both of SHS and College opted to find a good and secured job in reputable company. Being an employee of established organization gives them the sense of security when it comes to employment. The company will utilize their knowledge, skills and abilities for their growth and profitability. In other way around, there are some individuals who cannot see their future as an employee. They are the risk takers. They have all the guts to explore. These people believe in their own abilities and skills. They will play on the Small Enterprise in Local Business.

                Everywhere we look each day we interact with different businesses. When we commute to and from work, when we purchase goods, treat ourselves to spa or salon or decide where to have our dinners. Fortunately, I am happy to know that there are some stores, spas and eatery owned by my former classmates and friends.  Most often we are referring to a locally owned business which provides goods and services to a local population. The good thing in patronizing small to medium local businesses is that we are not just helping our local compatriots to sustain their living and business, but we are sustaining the growth of local economy. We are helping the creation of local jobs (no need for migration to other cities or abroad) and the cash will flow in our community which leads to a progressive city or provinces. The more we are buying from local stores, single owned salon and spas, or family owned restaurants the more we are helping in building our community.

                DTI made a very good job in supporting these SME and local entrepreneurs. They provide seminars and assistance for those local businessmen who wanted to start a small business. They promote their services and products and helping it known to the market thru expo.  Doing their part, local store owners maximize the chance given to them. They have their own business style and strategies to attract regular customers. With a strong digital presence, local businessman uses online or mobile applications to sell their products. Thanks to online business that courier business blooms once again. They used their creativity to produced unique and best tasting products. They continue learning and upgrading their skills to keep abreast with the new developments and trends when it comes to services.

                I salute those local entrepreneurs who has undying effort in sustaining their business for the communities. Their dedication and hard work need to be appreciated. In my simple and easy way, I will keep on buying and patronizing their services to ensure it will still have long way run. Long live small local entrepreneurs.

Written by:

Beverly B. Porlante
Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher II, Bataan National High School – Senior High School

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