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Teacher’s mental health during the pandemic.

By: Randy P. Calderon, BNHS SHS – Teacher III

When the ‘New Normal’ looms inevitably because of the pandemic that shocked and scared everyone in the whole world, teachers have had the greatest impact.

Teachers have to be ingenious with every resource that they can use in teaching their students in the new setting.  They must cope with the sudden and changing demands of the learners in the new and diverse learning delivery modalities.  The unstable condition of the students made things tougher for the teachers. The society that had to deal with threats, real or imagined, in the hope to be back to the usual way of life.

It has not been easy for teachers either.  Keeping mental health is the most important of their priorities in the time when worries are uncomfortably prolonged just as making ends meet to put meals on the table and keeping a roof over their heads.

Work/Life Balance is affected to disruptive levels although working from home is the norm, teachers may be comforted by the fact that they are with their families the time spent on work goes beyond the usual day hours in school.

Adjustments in teaching strategies must be made in the virtual classrooms to respond to the challenges of online connectivity with students, the remedial sessions to ensure that there is a transfer of knowledge and verifying that learnings are attained.

Teachers also must step up their knowledge on the use of the new stage in delivering instruction and they spend more time sharpening their skills and learning new ones.  The present demands on their time learning new tools compete with their concern that no child would be left behind in the lessons and this certainly affects the mind of every educator.

And there are the periodic reports that must be submitted at the end of a grading period and the school year.

Perhaps, there should be a support group of colleagues to share their knowledge in the best practices they have already used in the now-‘Normal’ situation that the burden of a strange, new world of educating citizens of the future would be less onerous to many?  That might be of great help to keep our teachers emotionally stable and their mental health in balance.

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