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by: Brenda Gaddi, Principal II, Tuyo Elementary School

Teaching is a noble profession that entails both power and responsibility. It seeks to be the catalyst for students’ future success and therefore weighed with much accountability.

            However, upon the surge of the Covid 19 pandemic, everything changed. Everything seemed uneasy as days are being filled with fears of the unknown. Even the system of education had to roll with the ball of uncertainties imposed by the pandemic surge. Dolly Parton, an American music artist said, “We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sail.” With that saying, teachers must come up with more updated teaching pedagogies to continue serving the students and leaving imprints in their hearts that they would never wish to fade.

Ways of teaching must have several upgrades. Getting stuck on the same traditional way of education does not contribute to the enrichment of teaching pedagogies. By the very least, it impedes the growth and competence to discover new teaching methods. The sail might get torn, but the adaptability of teachers does a great repair to continue sailing for the students amidst the crashing waves.

Teaching methods are like ships sailing for a long time. It needs to get refurbished; some parts must be upgraded. If neglected, mechanical problems may occur, leaving its passengers floating somewhere in the middle of the sea. It will lose its whole purpose of taking its passengers to different places they want to go. Teaching pedagogy through time, if not upgraded, might leave the students behind. Instead of directing them toward learning and success, they might be stuck on the same cycle and education system.

To remain updated and connected to the future, teachers must examine and repackage knowledge, skills, pedagogies, and learning objectives. Teachers must stay current with effective pedagogies, new abilities, and strategies, such as whole-class instruction, online teaching, structured groups, differentiation, and new evaluations, at a time when everything else is changing due to unexpected challenges in the world may face.

Going back to how the pandemic affected most of us, classroom teachings were restricted in obedience to the safety measures set by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) to protect the students and the Deped faculties. Teachers adjusted the sail by adapting to the new system of online learning and resorted to changing their teaching pedagogy to online teaching.  Teaching in a virtual environment placed both tutors and tutee in a safer condition against the risk of acquiring infection.

Things might seem harder in these trying times where anxiety is unpredictably kicking in, somehow, it is a great challenge for teachers to enhance and ameliorate their ways of teaching. It is sure and true that many factors are thwarting teachers from discovering and enhancing their teaching pedagogies amidst the pandemic, but the reasons to enhance and recondition are innumerable.

It is about time to get out of our comfort zones. Change must begin with a teacher in a class, then pass it down to students. Possibilities transpire with positivity and perseverance. Constant readjustment to change is power. Upgrading teachers’ skills and knowledge is raising standards for students and supporting their career development.

Keep adjusting the sail, as possible as you could, towards development to arrive confidently at a destination called success.

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