DepEd Balanga City

Teamwork in the Dep-Ed workplace

By: Pauline Mae B. Malate

Teamwork is working united with people to achieve a common goal or objectives.

Teamwork is the basic need for an organization to function. Furthermore, every dep-ed organization has a separate ways to perform specific tasks which as a whole saves time to a higher extent.

This also allows employees to see the successes and failures of others in a supportive workplace environment. Moreover, working as a team lets dep-ed employees to learn from each other without undue risk.

In my workplace, where I am currently assigned, we connect, communicate, and collaborate to each other.  We contribute and plays to our own individual strengths. Despite the different dep-ed personalities, we remain at peace and right balance for us to continue to work together and produce the type of work that we do.

The work balance in the workplace is what makes us an effective team. The group puts out a better quality of work. Joining-hands in working with the different personnel is very much self–fulfilling cycle where every one’s accomplishment breeds accomplishment and success.

The open and respectful communications in every workplace are a key element of great teamwork.  The positive team environment, in which people express ideas, opinions, and even problems with other workers without criticism. Dep-ed workforce understand that sharing information and communication must be passed within the organization to accomplish the overall goals and objectives.

Teamwork has the greatest part in the workplace. Whether it be a school organization or a small business. It is the key to success, the commitment and passion of every one’s services. “Teamwork wins attitudes, but teamwork and intelligence win good character and attitudes.”

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