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By: Dr. Maila M. Capulong, Senior Education Program Specialist

In the digital period in which we presently live, technology plays a vital part. With each passing day, new software is introduced in the tech stores that improve our lives in one way or another and makes them more comfortable to use. Technology provides a digital platform and currently, it has been employed for webinars, gatherings, and other educational programs in live streaming. Educational institutions are exercising the new label of smart classes and these smart classes are exemplifications of technology. The use of technology has made education more accessible.
Technology has made education readily available, and at the moment we’ve multitudinous choices to clear our dubieties. Easy access to the internet and other helping apps, websites, and others has made education easy and pleasurable. These ultramodern widgets also save time and energy and help everyone keep safe from acquiring unwanted contagions which may make us ill.
These ultramodern technologies contributed much to our educational system. It enhances the position of education by helping the learners increase their knowledge and have advanced information on lessons they got in class. School Heads are likewise snappily well-informed on issues and concerns in the department. Hence, it’s addressed right away.
The learning gaps and losses which were aggravated by the COVID-19 due to remote learning epidemic are resolved using the available technology in the learners’ homes. The presence of cell phones and laptops or computers is of great help in accessing the learning packages in the learning portal of the Division. Upskilling of teachers and non-teaching staff could also be possible by using these ultramodern- day technologies. It also helps to perform advanced- position exploration programs and learn new effects.
Education shouldn’t only be confined to books; one should get a chance to explore his knowledge and try anew. Time has changed and so with the mode of education, scholars should be given a chance to learn new things and technology makes it possible. There are a lot of reasons why technology is an important aspect of the Education sector and with the incorporating forces of technology and education, we anticipate better days ahead in our society.

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