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The Battle Against Complacency

Written by: Liza Marie S. Nery, Division Music Coordinator – SDO Balanga

In a time when teachers must adapt to teaching methods which are far from what they have been accustomed to, where does confidence end and false bravado begin? Stagnation is a serious issue that plagues any profession. It is a state of complacency where people settle for mediocre practices. Such mentality stifles growth and impedes progress as a whole. This line of thinking should be eradicated once and for all.

We recently conducted a study in the School Division Office of Balanga City where we tried to have a clear picture of the state of music education in our jurisdiction. A select group of music educators across the division were given assessments to test their existing knowledge of music. They were then asked to answer a set of surveys to determine the type of training they undertook before teaching the said subject matter. The results were then tabulated across multiple charts and graphs to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.

At best, the scores for the music assessment were above average. This was despite the fact that a good number of the respondents were formally trained in music from their younger years. It is more interesting to note that in one of the questions in the survey where they were asked to rate how confident they were that the learners were well-equipped after each class, a majority of the respondents were highly confident that the learners were indeed well-equipped with the necessary concepts that they were expected to learn in any given session.

There is an alarming discrepancy between the seemingly high confidence self-rating and the above-average scores in the music assessment. Where is this confidence coming from? While it is important to maintain a positive outlook in all situations, there is a possibility that optimism might be misplaced and introspection is in order. How is it that despite attending seminars and trainings pertaining to the subject matter, some educators are still not able to meet the expected level of competency? Is it the quality of the seminars and trainings? Is it a matter of retention? Worryingly, this exact scenario can also be going on in other subjects of expertise yet to be surveyed and studied by the Division Office.

Excellence has always been the goal of SDO Balanga City. Stagnation can and must be eradicated to ensure continuous growth among our teaching personnel in their respective subject matters. Complacency leads to mediocrity and should never be tolerated. It is two-way process in which SDO Balanga City will provide all the resources it can; in turn, the educators should also strive to do their best to improve on themselves and never settle for anything less than excellence. Competence and confidence should go hand-in-hand in order to provide our learners the best future possible.

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