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The Finest Homes

Benjamin Joseph B. Lomibao

How can we say that our homes is one of the finest among any other homes when it comes to rearing our children to become a better person than yesterday? What measures can we consider that our home is an instrument and extension of learning process even after school hours?

            Learning is an integral part of an individual’s progress. Without constant dedication to the requirements of learning process it will be difficult for an individual to achieve success in his or her future endeavors.

            Notably, each home of every student is vital in ensuring learning process is being achieve. It was described that a home is an enjoyable and happy place where one resides. In connection to learning process, disposition and environment play a significant role in helping students learn faster especially when they enjoy learning and when the environment is conducive for learning.

            Equally important, there are key points to remember why home is necessary for learning. First, in every home there is a parental involvement in learning, which is very helpful in reinforcing what is needed for every learner. It was already stressed by different studies that learning is a collaborative effort between a teacher, student and parents which makes learning easy and effective. Similarly, parental involvement in the learning process of the students in each homes can result to good communication between the parent and the student. Moreover, there is a regular updates about the progress the students are making. Second, the activities at home can be more student friendly and supportive to the activities being done at school. However, school activities are still as important as the activities at home, each activity can support each other to catch the interest of the learners. Lastly, sharing best practices. The home can be a setting where parents can share their best practices in learning together with their children. Home can be a very good place where unconditional love and support can be given by parents. Knowing about the best practices that works best for the learners when it comes to learning can sometimes be crucial but can definitely be a helpful tool in bringing out the best to every learners.

            In the Philippine setup, the educational systems brings so much importance of the Filipino culture and how each Filipino values so much family and home centered activities that invigorates the desire of each individual to become better, particularly from activities at home that molds each student to excel.

            Learning is often times a crucial and painful process for a lot of students. Yet a lot of times people forget that learning can be an enjoyable experience if there is proper reinforcement coming from within them.

            Almost every parents across the globe works so hard to create a better future for their children. To build the finest homes of their own and as the entire family works together in making use of each home a fun learning center, then one can say the yes they have a fine home.

Written by:

Benjamin Joseph Baluyot Lomibao
Benjamin Joseph Baluyot Lomibao

Teacher, City of Balanga National HIgh School – Junior HIgh School

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