DepEd Balanga City

The Journey of Becoming Better

Written by: Arnyl Joy P. Reyes, Administrative Officer II-SDO Balanga City

Why do you take courage to join the ranking for a higher position? It is nothing but to take the risk of allowing our self to aim for a lofty rank in the office. Not for anything to elevate or brag that you can but for believing that God gives us the grace to be the person he wants us to be.

              If in case, the wind has blown your promotion away, never lose your hope because our disappointments are important factor in developing our personality. It prepares us to something better which our Creator has given long before we are born, your achievement is part of your destiny. Most often, everything that happens to us is permitted by God for your own good.

              If failure is inevitable and recurring, reflect on the possible causes of its occurrence and try to turn the impossibilities to possibilities, prepare ourselves for our dream, if you can have time to study, it is also good to pursue master’s degree to equip more yourself and capacitate oneself for the desired position. Reading is also the best way to improve our communication skills.

              It is not enough to improve your cerebral qualifications. Your interpersonal skills must also be in harmony with your intellect. If you lead people, you must value relationship, your work is not about you but about the institution you represent so, you ought to do your best to win them even the difficult people around you manage your emotions.

              Developing our emotional intelligence is good factor in becoming a better leader. If you are ready to face massive challenges in the workplace, join the ranking and aspire for the position you dream. Pray that you will get it and ask for God’s intervention to qualify you to the position he will give for you.

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