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The Joy of Hard Labor

By: Ana Maria I. Garcia, Principal I – Bo. Central Elementary School

The beaming light amid darkness is a hope that invigorates one’s aspiration. When GL David Integrated School won international recognition championing one of the five prize categories which is community collaboration. I was ecstatic. I just thanked God for His wonderful blessing for our school and community.

It is not easy the struggles are great and laborious. Establishing a good relationship with your teachers is a challenge because you have to overcome your ego and id to win diverse personalities in working with the community. The exchange of ideas and mental wars could become detrimental to your vision and mission but by God’s grace and intervention, we have had a professional relationship.

The sudden spread of the Corona Virus globally fazed the entire world. Science has not even produced the right antidote for it. It caused multitudes of changes because the movement halted. Lockdown seemed the only way to prevent contamination. Education was greatly affected. The quality of education was sacrificed as well but life continues. Our students were in red flags both in their educational needs and biological needs. Most of their parents became unemployed. Famine and anxiety were enduring those days. As a leader of the school in their community, I needed to stand and conquer the limitations. I requested my healthy teachers to work with me in empowering the parents of our students and the village officers. In the midst of the crisis, good people are abundant. We were able to get the big companies and rich benefactors to support our feeding program, “Kain Pa Program.” We were able to provide their meals for free. While we were nourishing them our teachers also taught them. The program was a huge help to the community, especially to our learners.

Luckily, when we joined T4 Education, we surpassed the rigid scrutiny of documents by the validators. According to the T4 Education founder, Vikas Pota, “By telling the stories of inspirational schools that are transforming the lives of their students and making a real difference to their communities, schools can share their best practices and help transform education.” The panel of jurors appreciated the initiative of the school to procure vegetables, fruits, and other goods from the government officials, NGOs, and parents who bought ingredients from the market and helped the teachers in cooking, packing, and delivering food packs to the recipients.

There is real joy in working hard and in collaborating with others for a common goal. Our struggles become our stepping stones to prominence and service.

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