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By : Dece Lee M. Mena – Teacher II – CONHS SHS

It has been two years and a half since the pandemic keeps on changing the culture of the people in the entire world. Such are conditional changes, that are put in effect to keep oneself from getting infected by the virus. Needless to say, the most important of which is to keep every individual safe as much as possible because the pandemic is life-threatening.

          The ongoing pandemic poses a lot of challenges in almost all facets of human survival. It is a period where human activities about vital socio-economic growth have been hampered. As people move less, human interaction becomes limited. Even with the rise of technology and the ease of the transfer of information and knowledge being enjoyed by many nowadays is not enough compared to the former experience in the day-to-day learning processes.

          One of the primary concerns that curtail attention is the need for the educational system to cope with the challenge of having to deliver quality education at all levels.

The question is, is there a new normal in education amidst a pandemic?

          There will be different schools of thought when it comes to going back to the norms of actual and face-to-face learning. The experience in the shift to the virtual learning process is indeed indispensable to ward off the infection in some ways. Though, the same experience as evaluated by some has failed to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of delivering quality education to learners.

          As Peter Drucker puts it, effectiveness is being able to do the right things, while efficiency is being able to do things right. Either of the two requires the assumption that we can define what the right outcome is and what things are needed to be done to achieve the desired outcome.

          This is quite the same thing in a pandemic. There are uncertain spots on how to properly deal with it to mitigate the threat it poses. For some, everybody needs to learn to live in the new normal; as in, being educated properly in the new normal. Thinking deeper into it, can there be a sort of a new normal or does it remain to be seen?

          The educational system in the Philippines has changed its guard given the concluded national election. The prospect of finding new ways and means is a showcase of hope that the quality of education will be delivered at all levels. From the top to bottom, learning will never stop to find new, effective, and efficient ways the delivery education among our educational institutions.  

          While it is long that we learn to live and learn in a new normal setup, the one thing to also recognized is for us to live, cope, and learn in the reality of the pandemic.

Looking at the bright side, the pandemic has thought us that among the treasures of this world, good health is our real wealth, and learning and practicing the proper ways and means of dealing with it is our real mode of education.     

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