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The New Normal

Written by: Carmina Y. de Joseph, Teacher II – BNHS JHS

Truly, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Recently, our life has changed drastically as the coronavirus has its way globally. In just a snap, the way we live and breathe is now different and we are not prepared or even trained to handle this kind of situation as if we are living in a new era.

          Some places we used to visit have their limitations, others are barred to contain the virus because traveling involves face-to-face interaction and going from one place to another is prohibited. The beaches who are loved by many people are now deserted as well as hotels and restaurants. The schools are no longer traditional, they are now up to preparing for a new set of learning modalities. Most of the businesses make the most difficult decision of laying off employees because of the lacking revenue they get from it. And the most miserable part is having a restricted visit to our loved ones which for me is very significant especially this time of crisis.

          The “new normal” is the term of the situation we have facing right now because of the pandemic. We are bounded to abide by new protocols set by our government. Some protocols are for personal and social activities such as staying home if sick, wearing a mask in public, encouraging social distancing, and frequently washing of hands. Transactions are made online like registration, placing an order, and even its payment. Work from home or remote work policy has started wherein employees are working on their own house either full-time or part-time. Schools adopt new learning modalities wherein students can have their classes either online or modular or both (blended learning). In terms of our everyday routine, we cannot go back the time when we are free wherever we want to go. We cannot go easily to the supermarket to buy stuff, to the mall to buy dresses, to the bank to deposit money, and to our favorite restaurants to eat our favorite food. It must be hard for all of us who are not used to this kind of situation.

To sum it up, I can say that everybody hopes we return to normal, but we all know that it is not going that way. It is going to be different. The only thing that we must do is to adjust and adapt this what we called “new normal”. Let us accept and welcome this in an open heart, minds, and continue with our lives.

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