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The Role of Parents in Child’s Behavior

Beverly Porlante

One of the most talked issues in the country last 2019 is the video circulated online shows a teacher giving a punishment to her student who fail to comply on her requirement. Several points of view were raised on how to discipline a child or what is the best way to discipline a child. After some opinions were given and listened and the side of the both parties were heard, the bottom line in this issue is that, the behavior and actions of our children in school is still a parent’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of the parent to help their child become self-reliant, responsible, respectful and self control. Teachers and School institutions, just like relatives are only aid to them. The primary responsibility for discipline rests with parents. No teachers will give corrective action to a student if he/she knows how to behave accordingly.

                Instead of giving different opinions and perception on the issues which involves the teacher, I think it is more important to reiterate to our fellow parents the importance of discipline. Discipline is the process of teaching your child what type of behavior is acceptable or not. This teaches our child to follow rules. In fact, nobody wanted to be accused of raising a spoiled brat. If good disciplined was properly taught and followed by our children, we know that they can function well and behave in school nor in public. Experts says that Authoritative parenting is the best form in teaching the child the importance of discipline. Here, he set a clear expectations and consequences while showing affection toward his child. The Authoritative parents allows for flexibility and collaborative problem solving with the child when dealing with behavioral challenges.

                We may have different techniques in disciplining our beloved child. We cannot tell which is right or wrong, which is effective or not. But we can measure the effectiveness of our way by the actions of our children inside our home, in school or in public. If he/she acts accordingly with sense of responsibility, then we can conclude we are in the right tract. In addition, here are some tips that might be helpful when we are doing our role as a parent in our child’s behavior:

  1. Reward child good behavior. Complement your child when he or she shows good deeds and taught.
  2. Taking away privilege as a consequence of a bad behavior. For example, if your child did not do the homework because of watching TV, you may choose to take away television privilege or allowed him to watch only if his homework were finished. Same with playtime.
  3. Always explain to your child the consequences of his/her actions and ask her/him about the lesson he/she learned if you give him a reasonable punishment.
  4. Be respectful to your child. Be a good role model to him.
  5. Be consistent with your house rules.
  6. When it’s done it’s done. After giving him/her the lessons learned do not continue to lecture him/her about what happened. Help your child return to an appropriate activity.

Giving discipline to our child is not an easy task. But because we love and care for them, we will do everything just to assure that they are leading into the right direction and soon he will become a good man in the society.

Written by:

Beverly B. Porlante
Beverly B. Porlante

Teacher II, Bataan National High School – Senior High School

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