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The Safety and Security of Bataan National High School …a glimpse of the recent past

Written by: John Paul D. Galang, Teacher I – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

To start off, please allow me to open my discussions with this statement: “Among all public facilities, students in schools are the most vulnerable in all forms of crime, abuse and disaster.” Having this fully known and realized by Dr. Alma V. Poblete, D.E.M, BNHS, JHS Principal, she, in her best capacity, has been continuously managing well the auxiliary services of our school…. such as colossal responsibility!

                 For the past years, our security officers inside and even outside the school parameters have been religiously doing their assigned tasks. Strict compliance of the “No I.D, no entry” is being carried through from the gate; even though CCTV cameras are installed in specified areas only. Visitors do the logbook requirements as an SOP, likewise with all the teaching and non-teaching personnel with the usage of the biometrics system.

                 A team of security guards too are deployed in the school’s strategic spots to oversee students who are attempting to cut class and disturb ongoing classes. This has been strictly implemented because the school itself sits on the Roman Super Hi-way which posts as an accident prone area.

                 At least 4 to 5 enforcers/ City Marshalls manned the safety and security of about ideally more or less 7,000 Junior and Senior high students, faculty and personnel of our school =, not to mention that the school offers public transport going to and pro in Balanga. These men in uniform are more visible during rush hours in the morning and afternoon.

                 Inside the campus premises, Dr. Poblete has made her way to delegate the responsibilities to all the chairmen concerned for the various committees in performance of their assigned task. But not withstanding her role being the executive chairperson.

                 For one, our school Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Committee is very active in giving instructions and drills in addressing such emergencies like earthquake and fire, spearheaded by our most abled male teachers from across different departments and grade levels. Emergency hotlines and emergency instructions too are posted to visible areas for everyone’s

                 In toto, all the stakeholders (students, parents, school admin, teachers, all local officials, LGUs and other agencies) have their own “slice of the cake” in realizing the smooth management for having a safe and secured environment as a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning process.

                 Now, at this point in time of the pandemic, the same measures regarding security of the school and all the teaching and non- teaching personnel and foremost   all our learners are on top priority of our Madam Principal. . As to date no one exactly knows when will the pandemic ends, but we will still bank on the principle of “In Loco Parentis”, we will always remain true and dedicated teachers to be on call to help and protect these young individuals in the best of our ability.

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