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The Virtue of Respect

Written by: Alexander John C. Delos Reyes, Teacher I – M.Delos Reyes Memorial Elementary School

Nowadays, it is customary to see remarks about respecting one’s own viewpoint, notably on social networking platforms. As known, respect is a prime virtue, s. it is a demeanor that is indeed paramount to man’s wellbeing. Its fundamental is to extend special care and regard to something or someone. Respecting someone comprises acknowledging that he or she is worthy and deserves to be treated decently.

            Respect has been underscored as a moral trait, an attitude or conduct, and a manifestation of righteousness, but it has also been conflated with acquiescence, tolerance, and even terror. Most of the defenses why one merits appraising respect may be attributable to their character. Recognition respect is distinct in that it encompasses cognizance or acknowledgment of some attribute of its object in contemplating on what to do. While everyone is eligible for this level of respect, there may be disputes over what is suitable. People will deem what gestures or dispositions are reasonable for pupils to express toward a specific issue in varied contexts.  Likewise, it is possibly an inkling of inclusion. Consequently, respect quenches two central human needs: the need for an optimistic social standing and the yearning to belong.

            In this regard, there is a deepening disparity between respect-due from respect-earned. While the former, which is contingent to innate individual value, should be extended to everyone without excuse, the latter is premised on attributes that one has or accumulates over time. Besides, the notion of respect-due lays down rules on the orthodox educational practice of converting respect into requests for obedience.

            In connection, many educational professionals nowadays are confronted with a school impasse that compels them to function not just as a teacher but also as a comrade, parent, or support worker. Nevertheless, these should never be used as an excuse to feel burdened, and teachers should treat their pupils with respect because respected pupils reciprocate better learners.

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