DepEd Balanga City

Towards A Better Tomorrow

Written by: Lar R. Baluyot

It’s like a lifetime but it’s just a year and several months have passed since the pandemic started. Almost every country in the world is affected by this virus that causes the lives of people we knew. We fear that we might acquire it too and we’re more afraid we might infect also the people we love and value. But what must we do? We should protect first ourselves by strengthening our immune system. If we will go out, we should practice the minimum safety health protocol and disinfect ourselves once we arrive at home. We protect ourselves, we protect our love ones. We should also acquire the vaccine for COVID, at least we have fighting chance against this virus. Instead of complaining and waiting for the help of the government, why not help ourselves first and do what we can do.

We should open our eyes. It’s you, It’s me, It’s us, we are the key to win the battle against COVID.

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