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Written by: Romerson B. Ponseca, Teacher I – Bataan National High School-Junior High School

The infectious disease COVID-19 has hit us all terribly. We didn’t expect the world, which is always lively and active 24/7, would become dull in just a snap.

Hundreds of million people contracted the virus with almost 2.5 million deaths worldwide, a large number of workers has lost their jobs. Moreover, several facilities including schools were closed. Everything has ceased and has left people hanging, doubtful of what would transpire next.

With an overall elapse of one year since the country’s first COVID-19 case was registered, we are still fighting the virus with tenacity. New guidelines have been introduced this time to gradually open up the economy.

How about Philippine education? Well, the Department of Education (DepEd) promptly scheduled and planned the next academic year as they wrapped up School Year (SY) 2019-2020.

On the 5th of October 2020, with 24.72 million enrolled learners from public and private schools, the SY 2020-2021 officially opened after two postponements and a four-month delay from the regular schedule. This decision has received numerous opinions, but with its resolution, the department is firm.

However, our students will not be studying inside their classrooms. Owing to the threat of the virus, holding face-to-face classes is prohibited. Instead, this year, distance learning modalities were applied. The learner can engage in online classes, select modular learning, watch educational videos on the television or listen to lessons from the radio. Learners can choose which method of cognition is suitable and convenient for them.

As for me with two-year teaching experience in a regular school setting, I have faced numerous challenges as well in this pandemic. This is new for me, the same goes for my students. While we are in the middle of the school year now, there are still problems present.

But then I realized that I AM a TEACHER. I was taught to acclimate to whatever changes the education system and our world would bring. I have to ensure, by all means, that the learning-teaching process must be correctly delivered, and its effectiveness is assured.

We, teachers, always go to great lengths to help our students even in the middle of this pandemic. And with the support of other stakeholders, we will accomplish the mission of education.

The virus has indeed changed our lives, but learning does not end. It might stop the world, but it should never interrupt the education.

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