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Written by: Clamay B. Montemayor, Administrative Aide VI – SDO Balanga City

Let’s be honest, regardless of where you’ve chosen to do your work, you’re actually doing just that: working. Things being what they are, would it be a good idea for us to work-from-home or work in the office? For me, it genuinely boils down to the environment you’ll be best in, alongside the type of job you’re in.

I am a non-teaching personnel and I was assigned in the Personnel Unit. Before the pandemic, I have spent half of my waking hours working in the office, meeting my colleagues and being at peace under the guidance of a structured traditional workplace. So, when COVID came and forced us to adapt to a whole new setup called Work-from-home, oh my, am I doomed. I have no idea how to be productive at home because after spending most of my day in the office, I go home and reset. My home is my place of calm, not creativity nor productivity.

But I have no choice. I have to make it happen. At first, my brain is literally against it because number one, how am I going to work if I don’t have internet service at home. All the cons came racing inside my head because this could be an additional cost. Second, I don’t have a printer at home and do not have the willingness and budget to buy one. So, the question was how am I supposed to deliver my output? I got tired of thinking and just went with the flow and started working. The fight for willpower was tough. Sometimes the office has that energy, and your home doesn’t.

We never knew before that the pandemic would last this long. For sure we assumed that it would just stay for a few months but who knew that this would literally turn our lives around and stick with us until now. I came into a point in my life that I was just grateful that I still have this job. Everyone is struggling for their own reasons so I have to somehow get used to struggle. Days passed by and I slowly accepted and adapted to this setup and now, if you would ask me if I would like to give up working at home, the answer is a definite NO, for now. Sure, I miss the social connection we get from working in an office, but actually, Zoom just works fine. We also fixed my issue with the internet and agreed to share costs with me because most of us are now, working from home. Another good thing was that DepEd was so kind and generous enough to provide a printer for me to borrow and use for work. And yes, we haven’t talked about savings. I actually saved a lot of money while working at home. The savings I got from not commuting to work enabled me to buy my own motorcycle, which will save me more money in the future. I was also saving money by cooking fresh meals at home which made me healthier. And the best part of it all, I was able to make more time with my loved ones because I get to see them more. At our current situation, nothing is more important than family and life is short. Working from home gave me the opportunity to spend a greater amount of time and make lasting memories with them.

But I know someday, we all will go back to normal. We will all return to our places and work at offices. But there will be things that will be changed, I guess. As a lot of businesses and employers noticed an increase in productivity in their employees in a relaxed setup, with lesser operation costs on their end, I guess, the work from home setup is here to stay. It really depends on your job requirement really, people in the non-teaching side like me deals with highly intellectual people that would be able to manage the complexity and somehow could take advantage the flexible schedule that comes with it. I love working at home nowadays, but if my job wants me to go back to the office we got used to, I am more than willing to take that ride again and adapt. End

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