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Why Do I Choose to Stay?

by John Louise R. Olmo

People often leave present employer or institution because there are greener pastures that come along the way of their professional careers. To explain, it refers to a new place that offers new opportunities, the factor that attracts the employee to make a career move. Some people wondered and asked, “Why did you not join the ranking for any higher position?” There are lot of permanent position items published and yet you did not join any.”

Let us all be honest. Many quit their work to a new one that will be beneficial for them both for their financially stability and professional growth. Who won’t be excited and happy to land a job that definitely has higher salary that can sustain the challenging lifestyle and cost of living now?

Of course, we are all dreaming for a better employment. Indeed, many are looking forward for that. Likewise, we are imagining for a workplace that is more exhilarating, happier and favorable to us. Cliché as they say, but the only permanent in life is change. Thus, we won’t remain in the same place as we are right now after few or several years. Most especially if we want to achieve more of course for the sake and welfare of our family. If our dream or goal is big, we need to strive harder and look for better bread and butter.

We may all be different with all the decisions and actions we made. We may have different reasons and perspectives on deciding whether to stay or grab the chances of the once in a lifetime opportunity. But for me, I am looking for the other factor why I am choosing to stay longer in a workplace even there are some tantalizing opportunities. 

Not all are always looking for the best in salary as a prime reason to decide for a job. In my case, I also consider the people I will work with. I always wanted to work with a good, positive and happy environment. Working with colleagues who treat you like family is an essential factor. Correspondingly, I also make sure that I will really love and enjoy my job. My idea is that if you love what you are doing, you won’t see your work as a job that just need to be accomplished to earn compensation since you are passionate in performing it. With that, you won’t find your work as taxing and stressful as it seems. Lastly, want to do something that can showcase my strengths with all my knowledge and capabilities.

Hence, at this time, I don’t have the position that has a high salary compared to others, but then, I really love this job. I appreciate how several teachers and personnel express their gratitude to my simple contribution for the school’s welfare. Therefore, the good people in my surrounding increases the feeling of contentment in my work. Similarly, the positive working environment makes me more motivated to perform my task well. This is one good reason why I forgo some enticing positions with higher compensation. In the future, perhaps, I will also need to look for a brighter future.  Hopefully, I could find a perfect job promotion which will make me feel home just like where I am at present. 

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