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Why Today is Equally Important as Tomorrow

By: SHEILA M. CORPUZ, Master Teacher I – M.Delos Reyes Memorial Elementary School

Let me start with this verse from the Bible, Matthew 6:34 “Take therefore no thought for the ‘morrow; for the ‘morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.”

                    While most parents strive to give their children the best education to prepare for tomorrow, I see things from a different perspective. It is not my nature to go against the norms, and I am writing this to see if there are people who share the same thought or see things the way I do.

                    People value tomorrow more than today. They spend so much time worrying about what the future will bring and in so doing lose their chance to taste and enjoy the moment at hand. Not to mention the amount of stress and depression they get preparing for the moment that is yet to come.

                    I say, why don’t we teach ourselves to value today as much as tomorrow? Life is full of uncertainties, and no one knows what the future holds. But one thing is for sure, once we close our eyes tonight, “tomorrow will become today.” Like what Oprah Winfrey said, “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

                    It is not new that children, teens, and even adults have a high tendency to procrastinate. Even I, tend to put things on hold knowing that there’s always tomorrow. If we also teach our children to value “today”, maybe those words that we hate to hear like “wait lang,” “I’ll do it later,” or “bukas na lang,” will no longer be uttered.

                    A quote says, “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, but it takes away today’s peace,” and I believe so. If we work today just because we worry for tomorrow, then we will be spending every day of our lives working with worries because tomorrow never ends. But if we see today as an opportunity to work with pleasure, a happy heart filled with the desire to make today better than yesterday, I’m sure tomorrow will be as perfect as today.

                    We all fight for a dream, and at my age now, I’ve seen people who worked their way up, winning every battle, overcoming pitfalls, rising against all odds yet when asked, they have less memories of the past, and the sad part is, they can only remember the hardship, stress, and depression they went through. We certainly don’t want our children to go through the same fate, do we?

                    Wouldn’t it be better if we reach our dreams reminiscing yesterday with a smile? Remember that “today is as important as tomorrow,” do not burden your heart with worries, just make today better than yesterday and tomorrow will follow.

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