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Work from Home

Written by: Lizette Ivy R. Calayag, Administrative Assistant III – Cupang Elementary School

What bothers us as we face the challenges of the new normal? Is working from home beneficial to us or it is more burdensome? It is not easy to work from home. We felt some sort of boredom and loneliness. All you can do is stare on your wall to search on some problems in your work and you have no one to consult. It is all by yourself and sometimes we are struggling when we are alone. But we are on ourselves doing our job as we work from home to protect ourselves from the dangers of the virus called covid-19. We are risking ourselves to perform our job in consonance to the mandate in our task.

In the midst of the work, we look at our health issues. In our work we need discipline to do the job on time while protecting our health. Yes we are away from our boss,yet we ought to perform as well to finish the task assigned to us. Our zeal is the key to achieving our goal in the assigned task. But it seems work from home is a generation which is not good for mental health. There is a lot of stress to counter act and down play so that our well-being is maintained to be at its best.

Working from home isn’t easy. It is hard to do our job away from colleagues and superiors because sometimes you need to seek for their advice on matters concerning our office especially if the work on hand has glitches to clear up.

How long shall be doing this work from home? It is truly complicated to have a life like this. Our work is affected, even ourselves are at stake.We do not know what will happen next, and it is not easy and unhealthy. This pandemic has a lot of tales to share and understand.  All we can do is to be responsible citizens so that the virus will no longer spread and we can all go back to the way it was.

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