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In this quest to find our own definition of success, we would find it necessary to pattern our lives with those who have gone before us. Hence, we go to school to learn history. Some would say we get it from those who know better. That is why in school, we rely so much from textbooks written by experts. Others would suggest that we take it from our own experiences, because we are all enrolled in this greatest university, we call life.

Choice is inevitable. It is inseparably connected to every endeavor that we have to face. We will always have to come to crossroads where we choose which path would lead to success that we desire for ourselves. We will always have to go through some switch points, where we must break a little and change course. We will surely come across a situation where we either go left or right, up or down, colorful or monochromatic and even remain where we are or leave.

Timely, in New York University Commencement Exercises 2022, Doctor Taylor Swift has this to offer:

Then she goes on by saying:

I won’t. The scary news is you’re on your own now. But the cool news is you’re on your own now.”

Being on our own would mean, we will have to face everything all by ourselves. This would also mean a lot of stress and seemingly being unworthy of help and assistance from others, a state closing to breaking down because we know the fact that no man is an island and yet we ask ourselves: Why am I alone? This would at times call for a break because life is too much to handle. We even resort to being unable to acknowledge the existence of an eternal Being that guides us. We often forget that there is Someone up there who is in control of all things. Thus, being alone is all that we can see in ourselves: no one to turn to, no one can help. That is the scary news.

But being on our own is not always scary. This could also lead us to realization of our potentials and to what we can do that we do not know we ever could. This means leading us to greater heights. This could teach more lessons of life that we would never learn had we remained filled with so much help from others. These lessons of life are best learned all by ourselves, alone, no one to turn to but the Great Deity. These are those moments where we come to our senses that when all else fails, God never will. These are the times we remember; we have gifts in us, God-given talents that we inherit designed to help us overcome the challenges of our days. As how Albert Einstein illustrates it when he says:

That is the cool news.

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